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Anniversary of the day a tornado hit the gay Lutheran convention

Fourteen years ago on August 19, 2009, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America was meeting in convention in Minneapolis to vote on whether to begin ordaining practicing homosexual pastors.  For years liberals had tried to get this policy change through, but it  had always been thwarted. But this year it seemed to have momentum, and on this afternoon at about 3pm they were to debate a new sexuality statement which would allow for practicing homosexual pastors and gay weddings. Out of nowhere about 3pm an unforecast tornado ripped up part of the roof of the convention center, temporarily closing down the convention. The very liberal Central Lutheran Church, next-door to the convention center, was being used by the gay lobby to set up beer tents to work the convention goers.   The beer tents were ripped up, and the huge iron cross at the top of Central Lutheran’s steeple was damaged, making it hang upside down for months (see picture below). 

After the tornado, convention goers went back into the convention center to start again and a pastor joked “I hope the weather is not God’s comment on what we are doing here today.”   The convention voted to allow practicing homosexual pastors and gay weddings by 66.6 percent.  Liberals called the tornado “a mighty wind of the Holy Spirit.”

Fast forward to today, and things have gotten much worse for the ELCA.  It has elected three homosexual bishops with “spouses“ and also elected the world’s first transgender bishop. Even though conservatives were assured in 2009 that their viewpoint would still be respected, the conservative viewpoint on homosexuality and transgenderism is not allowed in the ELCA’s national magazine. The ELCA even put an 11-year-old boy who thinks is a girl on stage to promote transgenderism to 31,000 Lutheran teenagers at the ELCA Teen Assembly.  The ELCA healthcare plan, funded by offering dollars, not only pays for abortion for any reason but it now also pays for hormone blockers for children and sex change operations for adults. It is not clear if the ELCA pays for sex change operations for children.

ELCA membership has been shrinking and shrinking since 2009.  Like the Bible says, you reap what you sow.

In Christ,

Pastor Tom Brock

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